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SONAR and NEW CLASSIC: The new eye-catching collections by LAUFEN !

The two most recent additions, at Laufen, are the Sonar and the New Classic collections. These each have their own particularities, but they have one thing in common: the WOW effect!

The Sonar collection includes different pieces that come with or without the lines that give texture according to the customer's choice. These vertical lines give a very interesting look to the sinks.

Another piece that is textured, is the beautiful freestanding bathtub. This one only comes with the lines that create relief.

As with all Laufen collections, the offer of vanities is very interesting and the finishes capture the eye. The options are Gold, Copper, and Titanium.

The Sonar collection will certainly add a touch of refinement to your bathroom!

The New Classic collection is all in elegance. The different elements of the collection offer a nod to a more classic inspiration. The thin edges of the sinks, for example, are a nice touch specific to Laufen. These are possible thanks to the SaphirKeramik, an innovation by Laufen. To learn more about it, it's here!

The New Classic will be the perfect elegant touch for your bathroom!



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