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How do the Pearl Arc sinks get their colors?

A three steps process is used to get the colored stainless steel of the Pearl Arc collections.

1. Shot peen surface hardening

Shot peening the stainless steel surface creates a harder more durable surface, that is both scratch-resistant and impact-resistant. The mixed material micro-beads are fired into the stainless steel surface causing plastic deformation and hence compressive stress in the material.

2. Titanium Oxide Coating

Commonly refered to as PVD, Titanium Oxide Coating is a vapour deposition technique where solid titanium metal is vaporizes in a high vacuum environment and deposited on to the sink surface as a pure metal coating. The process transfers the titanium at a molecule level providing an extremely hardwearing coloured layer.

3. Nano Resin Coating

Finally, a nano-resin layer of hydrophobic active substance provides long lasting ultra thin protection and a durable easy-to-clean surface effect.

In summary, the three steps process allows for coloured sinks to be:

  • Scratch-resistant

  • Impact-resistant

  • Durable

  • Easy to clean



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