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FIBO Wall Systems: a FLEURCO innovation !

Fleurco now offers Fibo Wall Systems. Fibo walls are made of a HPL 100% waterproof membrane, 7 layers of marine grade plywood and reinforced vapor barrier backing. Fibo is an alternative to ceramic that is durable, hygienic and easy to install.

Essentially, it is a patented click system, like a floating floor, that allows Fibo panels to be joined with one another. The catalog offers codes for standard configurations, but it would be possible to cover any dimension with Fibo panels. Fibo panels are 94" high.

Initially, the regular program consisted of 5 finishes:

The Fibo offer has been extended with the Fibo Flex program that adds two finishes. These have the look of subway tiles:

Each set comes with the installation kit. This contains, among other things, the sealant that ensures that the installation is waterproof. Although this product is new to the North American market, Fibo is a well-established Norwegian company that has been in business for more than 60 years. Fibo products have a 50-year limited lifetime warranty for residential use.

It is also possible to add a 12" accent wall in one of the following three finishes:

With Fibo, you will have the ease of installation, peace of mind, flexibility and refined aesthetics you desire!

To learn more about the products and the installation of Fibo walls:



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