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Cleaning Your Zomodo Sink

Cleaning tips

It is recommended to clean your sink daily. This quick cleaning won't take you too long. Simply use a gentle recurring tampon with a common kitchen cleaner. The important thing is to make sure that any accumulation of dirt is dislodged. Make sure to rub the corners of the sink and the around the drain.

It is recommended to always rub in the direction of the polishing lines so that your strokes blend into the surface of your sink.

Once the cleaning is complete, rinse thoroughly with hot water. Then, completely wipe the surface with clean, dry towels so that the water does not evaporate leaving dark circles in your sink.

Things to avoid

  • Do not let your sponges, towels or cloths dry in the sink. They could tarnish the surface.

  • Do not use any steel wool pads on stainless steel sinks.

  • Avoid leaving steel and cast iron utensils in your sink for long periods of time.

  • Do not leave rubber dishes, wet sponges or cleaning pads in your sink, as they retain water and could cause discoloration and stains in your sink.

My sink has lost its stainless steel shine, what can I do?

Each of the Zomodo sinks come with a sink maintenance kit. This contains small samples of stainless steel polishing cream, packaging oil, a ScotchBrite pad, a smooth nylon scouring pad and an instruction booklet.

Thanks to this kit, your sink will be able to regain its shine. However, it is important to note that the restoration of your sink will eventually create a new finish, otherwise known as patina. However, it should be noted that sinks starting with a very high level of polishing (such as our ScotchBrite and Microbrush finish) will not return to their original condition after reconditioning. They form a new patina, which will always be slightly duller than the original finish.

Important side note

Additional maintenance kits, at a cost of $20 for two, can be ordered from this email address: Delivery is included anywhere in Canada.



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