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GALIA: The first Tënzo Pro collection

Tënzo now offers a new range of products called Tënzo Pro. At this time, it includes the Echo kitchen faucet, the Galia collection and the Evolo shower columns.

The Galia collection has a square-round shape and is available in chrome or black. The single hole faucet is offered in two different heights and has a flow rate of 5.7L / min (1.5GPM).

Two options for the tub are available: a three-piece tub faucet and a freestanding tub faucet. The rough for the freestanding tub faucet is designed with two ball valves and no installation parts for the sub-floor. This allows a quick and safe installation!

A few sets of shower kits with one, two or three functions are available in this collection. Three pressure balanced rough options are available. These are offered with Pex, NPT / Welded or Pex expansion connections as needed.

  • Rough-In for single function pressure balanced valve

  • Rough-In for 2 individual functions pressure balanced valve

  • Rough-In for 2 & 3 functions pressure balanced valve

An exposed thermostatic bar is also part of the Galia collection. There is therefore a couple of options to meet everyone's needs.

Other collections will be added to the Tënzo Pro range in the coming months. Here is a little preview !



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